Hip replacement surgery has a well deserved reputation for making a significant difference to those suffering from the pain and reduced mobility associated with an arthritic hip. 

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The ‘disc’ is a rubbery cushion located between the spinal bones (vertebrae). When a fragment of the soft disc center escapes through a defect in its tough outer layer this is described as a ‘prolapsed’ or ‘herniated’ disc.

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Intra-operative CT imaging and computer navigated surgery (‘O-ARM’) is heralded by many as the latest major advance in spinal surgery.

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Degeneration (‘arthritis’) of the lumbar spine creates swelling of joints and thickening of ligaments. This can cause narrowing of the spinal canal and compression of nearby spinal nerves.

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The term ‘Spondylolisthesis’ refers to a condition where a vertebra has moved out of alignment relative to the one below and is often described as a ‘slip’.

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The term myelopathy refers to problems affecting the spinal cord. Most frequently this occurs in the neck (cervical) region from degeneration (arthritis).

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